Yoga and suffering

Yoga and suffering

Yoga is to remove our human suffering. Many of us have no idea that we suffer, because we cover it well with addictions (for a while). Seeking momentarily satisfaction in sex, eating, drinking, working, and smoking, shopping, moving, traveling, collecting impulses or even controlling the world. We all know how it goes…

Then we find yoga(or yoga finds us when we are desperate enough).

And we think this is it! We found happiness!!

Poses, asanas, success, flying, levitating, all smiles, burning and sweating until we can move. We lose weight, appetite changes, our taste shifts, we get in a glow. All is AWEsome!!

Then downhill comes(law of the universe): exhaustion , mood shifts, all up goes down, have no drive to pose and we want to give up our spiritual path”because yoga did not help me”, it did not do the trick, it is NOT happiness…its still just an addiction…(but the best kind).

Stillness, sitting, rethinking is craved. Dreams occur at night, the subconscious and unconscious kick in, our shadow shows up intensely, we lose patience, we might even curse, we want to quit this life because we are unhappy and half dead…and that’s when the real dance begins!!

When no loud music can cover up, nor make up. No ‘cool magazine cover posture picture’ quenches our thirst any longer. We don’t know what’s happening. We cry, we sad, we break….we die into ourselves. We cease to be who we thought we were. And that’s when real relationships begin, when we truly start to listen!

We remain quiet and still, the chatter of habit shuts up, we are finally within ourselves and that’s when we begin to be ourselves amongst others.

Yes, yoga removes suffering but it shows why we suffer in the first place. No way around it only through it!!

Once we are aware of our own inner, killer silence, the agonizing aloneness and we cry out for being limited, painfully locked up in the box of the body…. Then we can finally fly out and be free. Of our own free will.

Yoga shows the way to Self and Self is freedom. But it does not mean we don’t have to go through IT(us); the ego, the mind, what creates burden. Yoga is the fire that burns through all that. 🔥 Yoga is a happy ending journey with loads of learning just like life. And very uncertain.

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