How to be victorious?

How to be victorious?

The 8 limbs of yoga is a timeless guideline to a Victorious Life even in our modern world:

  • Moving, stretching and strengthening the body
  • Breath awareness
  • Knowledge and awareness of the senses, feelings and emotions
  • Self-study
  • Self-control
  • Ability to focus
  • Accepting and surrendering
  • Merge with the divine

One should practice these steps every day in one proportion/order or another. There is no right or wrong methodology. We also go through phases in our lives spending more time on a specific limb and then move to the next one. Life circumstances shape the path. We just need to stay conscious. The only mistake we can make is when a day goes by without learning something about ourselves.

Good way to start yoga with the physical body, then learning to control the mind and becoming aware of our relationships with the world around us. The rest will unfold, mantras and prayers can keep you on the path.

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