“As I am becoming”

For the longest time I have been contemplating what is it that I would like you to know about me. I certainly will not bore you with a list of certificates and achievements, nor which associations I belong to as a yoga, meditation teacher or spiritual coach. These facts and statements can become a trap on the evolutionary path of the spirit. I would rather be identified by stories, heart touching events or experiences where I contributed in someone’s life to get in touch with their soul.

I would never want to be the teacher or person who has arrived and “became something”. I have fallen deep from my own pedestal several times…thank God into a new beginning and a broader belief system. Every time when I thought I have found God in a yogic technology, religion or master, something always reminded me that I should look deeper and further at the same time. Life takes so good care of us and pushes us over and over until we find God within. And it does not really matter how we get there…

Are tools necessary?

Life is a great teacher, it provides us with several guides or Gurus if you will. First is the Mother, second is the Father and the list goes on, we just need to recognize them. Our purpose in life is to grow, our Creator does not want us to stay stagnant. We are pretty unconscious about the fact that the soul have stepped us in the elevator of spiritual evolution. An up-spiraling movement to wake up. The soul wants to evolve and the mind can be in the way, because it loves the routine, loves to live off of sticky past experiences. But evolution has to happen, human consciousness is awakening, want it or not. Only the speed is in our control (somewhat) and that is when we can decide if we want to use tools to go faster and get through the fear from change easier. Tools can be Gurus, lineages, religious scriptures, technologies, yogic and mind controlling exercises.

What and how do I know?

Thanks to my horse-riding accident in 2002 when I almost lost my right leg, I came to understand quite a bit about the way of the soul.

In order to heal from the several injuries and terrible fractures, I could not continue being dormant. I had to rise up, going against doctor’s prediction and wake myself up, to heal perfectly and live again without pain, able to move, dance and do all kind of sports. When I stayed quiet and started to listen, God was showing me the way…

The five realizations

The path of recovery seemed merely physical at first but soon I noticed that the biggest obstacle in healing the body, is the mind. I had to step outside of the box, start thinking differently or not thinking at all to change my physical state. The saying is true; when you look around and you don’t like what you see in your life; change the way you think!

  • So the first step was: recognizing that I am responsible.
  • Second realization: I create my reality.
  • Step three: Patience pays, let the hand of God work for me.
  • Step four: keep up! Keep believing, dreaming big and working for myself no matter what.
  • Step five: Only when we are together, healthy and happy, then we can help others.