Why we all need guidance

There are many teachers and many lineages one can follow. There is no right or wrong spiritual practice, as long as it works for one. The many different paths has to do with the fact that we also face different hardships in life: genetic disease, miscarriage, death of our loved once, financial crisis, divorce, illness, losing jobs, accidents, pain, poverty, injuries, war, endless list. In order to be able to heal all kind of human wounds life provides us a variety of ways.

Who wants to suffer through life?

There are many events that all human beings need to deal with regardless of their karmic predicament. Such as birth, growth, puberty, balancing married life, aging, grief, hormonal and energetic changes throughout our life spam, pollution, environmental changes (global warming). In order to keep ourselves up and not let anything overcome our spirit we need to keep the body and mind pure, clean, strong, focused and flexible. We need to make sure they serve the soul who is the main traveler.

If we don’t pay attention to these many facets of life, then becomes a struggle and we live in survivor mode instead of having a conscious journey.

Nobody wants to suffer through life but in our modern world we are not given the proper tools at our birth, how to deal and cope with these changes so we tend to turn to addictions which gives us momentarily relief. Then life becomes a downer. Needless to say when our soul is not having a good ride, the body gets sick, negativity takes over the mind and depression, suicidal thoughts show up.

How YOGIN can help people

In the course of the past 15 years I have created myself a healthy, sustainable life where yogic practices are a huge part of my day. Tried and practiced many ways of yoga and by now I am aware which tools are the best to use any given day. How to balance the season, the elements and life events with the practice. I have found something profound in each major styles and whatever added to me, I kept within the YOGIN Systems. Tested and compared them in different circumstances and learned which is more effective for stamina, muscles, joints, nervous or hormonal system and for the mental field. I as a teacher, specialize in how to guide people to apply proper yogic tools in their life. The 200 HR and 500 HR YOGIN Awareness Courses introduce and explain all major milestones and lineage of Yoga.

Early on when I started teaching, understood that most people are very confused; which style of yoga they should start with or practice and how often. Some suppose when one becomes a yogi, needs to live in an Ashram. Many people think that they need to be flexible to be able to practice, or they need to be calm to take a yoga class. Good news is; NO! Yoga makes us more flexible, patient, conscious aware. Everyone can start right where they are. I have summed all my conclusions and studies in the YOGIN Spiritual Educational Systems, which consists of many courses, class types and workshops.

Origin of YOGIN

YOGIN derives from the Bhagavad Gita; “He who is able to resist the force of desire and anger even before he quits his body is a blesse man, a Yogin.” This gives us plenty of work for this lifetime…

One by one

YOGIN is not saving the world because the world is saving itself but we, Yogin Teachers are committed to deliver the teachings to anyone who is ready to be awakened and live a conscious life.

We have no intention to create new yoga styles because there are so many and they are just perfect. Our purpose is to help you navigate through the different systems and make your journey easier by sharing our experience and the quint essence of each styles. YOGIN helps you to be able to decide for yourself what you need. We do not know until we try, there are many yoga styles that are not present in your neighborhood so we bring it to you to have a taste. Our biggest goal is to encourage everybody to make yoga and meditation a part of their life so we can all go through tremendous healing together, since that is why we all ultimately came for. That is why we are on this planet.

Stuck in the practice?

During our spiritual practice we usually hit a plato, a significant stage that Ram Dass calls the “Dark night of the soul”. It is when our old life does not serve us, works for us anymore but the “new” spiritual realm, new frequencies are still not “visible” or palpable. We tend to feel lost or abandoned and it is very important for us not to stop here. We should not give up on ourselves. Perhaps change styles, practices for a bit how we feed our soul, turn to chanting or pick another mantra, maybe sit in stillness, silent meditation or try a new Kriya. This is when we need attention an inspiration from someone who already went through similar experience. If you feel that you are stuck in your spiritual practice, YOGIN is here for you. Give us a call or write an email.