Teacher Training and Awareness Courses

Agnes has been leading and co-teaching Yoga Teacher Trainings since 2008 in many countries. To become a teacher these days is not difficult, one takes a month off of work, finishes an intensive course in a nice vacation island and upon successful completion, receives a Yoga Teacher Certification.

However this is just the beginning of one’s lifelong commitment to one’s soul, his or her own practice and surrendering to the Creator. Teaching yoga means studying and practicing the ancient yogic teachings such as the Vedas, Kundalini Kriyas, The Siri Guru Granth, the 8 limbs of yoga, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita etc. A teacher is always one step ahead of time.

Bir Akal (Agi’s spiritual name in the Kundalini Yoga tradition, also received in 2008) took various Yoga Teacher Training Programs before she started to teach and every single one added lots to her understanding and life in general. It happened after some level II. Kundalini Yoga trainings that everything finally started to come together as ONE. All yogic techniques started to make sense. The postures, movements, hand positions, focuses, sounds in all traditions. It was not a separated yoga world anymore. Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin, Yang practices and all specialty modules began to merge in her heart. And the 200 and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings came to her in a form where they were more of Awareness Trainings than “just” Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Both the 200 Hour and the 500 Hour Programs are approximately a year long, unless one is ready to receive the knowledge and experience in shorter period of time as a private student.

The YOGIN Teacher Trainings provide people with knowledge, offer lots of experience, safe and supportive community in which one can develop a spiritual practice, based on the lifecycle he or she is at.

The uniqueness of the YOGIN Teacher Training and Awareness Courses is that everybody is treated individually, can specialize in yoga types, pick one or even two dominant styles where he or she can expand. YOGIN teachers never compare the students nor want them to be perfect. They are all aware that as we go through phases in life, our practice also changes. Some days more other days less, some days more strenuous, other days in slow motion. Our duty is to lead everyone to their highest consciousness, inspire to be more courageous, innovative, dare to be happy and first of all; healthy.

Yogin 33 Hour Yin Yoga Course

Agnes learned throughout her rehab that joints take the longest time to release trauma or to heal. Also that they are essential particles between the bones and we need to take very good care of them. The joints and connective tissue provide us pain free movement, flexibility to change direction and perseverance to keep going. They need focus and attention just as anything else in life that matters to us.

Yin yoga is a specialty form of practice which aims the joints primarily and where we can also deal with our deepest issues within the tissues. YOGIN offers a 33 Hour Intensive Yin Yoga Course which is designed for everyone, not only for teachers. Anyone who is ready to go within at any age, with any experience of yoga. This specialty training contains sound, color and chakra therapy modules for a more profound healing experience. Also provides enough knowledge and practical advice for someone to teach Yin Yoga (who already holds a 200 Hr Certificate in any style).