Many different paths

During the direct healing period (which took me about 6 years) by God’s grace I came across numerous spiritual teachers, schools, yogic techniques through which my peripheral vision expanded. I say direct healing because once my leg healed and I was pain free I did not stop working on myself, I still practice each and every day. Came to learn about and fully respect all major religions. Studied Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Bikram, Barkan, Prana Flow and Yin yogas from many great teachers. I gave up my profession and dedicated my life to serve the Creator with all the tools I have been given. I live by many wise men’s words such as Lao Tzu, Buddha, Yogi Bhajan, Neem Karoli Baba, Balogh Bela, Swami Sivananda, Satyananda, Ram Dass, Dr. Wayne Dyer and many more. Their teaching always comes at the right time, when most needed. The only task I have is to place their wisdom into the current equation of my life. We are living this incarnation facing the speed, disturbance, all pros and cons of the information age. Most of us choose to live a family life, not as a renunciate in an Ashram or cave. And the good news is that spirituality is still available for us. I believe that this is what we are supposed to experience; conscious relationships in cities, villages, in every country. We do not have to leave our families and move to the woods, we are exactly where God wants me to be, if we were supposed to have a different experience then we would be somewhere else. Unless one really wishes to renounce from all kinds of possessions and attachments. Just want you to know that living a graceful and truthful, Godly life is possible wherever you are right now!

All wise teachers and masters who lived before us are brought to us by our inner guidance, the Guru which is our conscience. Whomever guides and informs us, shows up mostly, has similar range of frequency and is capable of taking us to our highest consciousness. All Gurus are to teach us how to tune into our own Self, how to listen to our authentic voice and ultimately of who we are.

Many different teachers

It happened that some of my friends raved about a spiritual teacher and when I finally payed a visit, it was nothing similar to what they described it. Was not the same thrill for me. We all have our own filter which consists of age, gender, where we live, how we grew up, what we eat and believe. Through experience we know what works and what does not, also we learn, evolve and elevate ourselves so that we can go ahead and elevate others. The only way to help others when we are in good spirit, in an elevated state. That is why there are many teachers and many paths. To give a chance to everybody to be lifted. It is just perfect. Soon you can decide if you think we are on the same page…

Continuous gratitude

When I wake up in the morning, at first I express my gratitude to God for another day where I can continue becoming. I can learn, forgive, grow, change and co-create. My biggest joy and at the same time the hardest job is to find the Truth in everything, every single day. In the hardship lies our evolution. In suffering lies our grace.

Basic rules to live by

The biggest goal in life is to find comfort and stability in the midst of change and to find courage to allow change when things seem to be just perfect. It is the biggest shamanic Dance! We are all constantly dancing with; Creation, Sustainability and Destruction – the Trimurti(Three gods) of Hinduism. Eagerly trying to understand the Generator, Organizer and Destroyer – aka GOD’s willing. The One that always was, is and will be creating his creation. It is easier to dance when we have inspiration, these became mine:

“When you learn how to listen, everyone is the Guru.”

Ram Dass

“When we are in-Spirit, we feel inspired.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer

“You go up or down. You live upwards or downwards. Either your mind is under you or you are under your mind. “

Yogi Bhajan